Confidential Settlements

At Gray & Associates, we take client confidentiality very seriously. The majority of our successful results are not listed here so as to protect our clients who settled under confidential circumstances.

Jams Arbitration

When our client experienced workplace discrimination, she came to Ms. Gray for help getting justice. Our client recovered damages, punitive damages, interest and attorneys fees.

$1.6 Million Awarded to Client

Bench Trial

When our client was fraudulently induced to enter into a lease for an equestrian center, she came to Ms. Gray for help in seeking damages.

$1.1 Million Awarded to Client

Intentional Interference with Contract Suit

When the board of directors of a physician medical group was sued by the terminated president and CEO of the company that managed the corporation, the doctors hired Ms. Gray to defend them.

Summary Judgment Awarded to Board of Directors

Arbitration against Movie Studio

When the distributor of a motion picture defaulted on a distribution agreement, the studio was awarded damages and retained the rights to the movie.

Motion Picture Studio Prevails

Appeal in a Disability Discrimination Case

A fireplace manufacturer sued for disability discrimination and prevailed against an employee in a suit involving disability discrimination. The judgment was affirmed on appeal.

Employer Awarded Summary Judgment and Prevailed

Independent Wholesale Sales Representative vs. Distributor

An independent wholesale sales representative recovered unpaid commissions and attorneys fees from a decorative hardware distributor.

Independent Wholesale Sales Representative Recovered Judgment