$2.2 Million Discrimination Suit Against Bank of America: Mirrors Merrill Lynch Debacle

The U.S. Department of Labor is suing Bank of America for $2.2 million on behalf of 1,147 African-American job applicants who allegedly experienced discrimination.

The D.O.L. alleges that the Charlotte, North Carolina based bank “applied unfair and inconsistent selection criteria, resulting in the rejection of qualified African-American applicants for teller, entry level, clerical and administrative positions from 1993 to 2005.”

The lawsuit has been kicking around the court system for nearly a decade. The first plaintiff filed suit back in 2005. In some ways, the Bank of America case “rhymes” substantially with a similar discrimination case that involved the multi-billion dollar brokerage firm, Merrill Lynch. BofA must pay $2.2 million in fines and offer jobs to 10 former applicants who got rejected. Merrill Lynch, meanwhile, had to pay a $160 million settlement pursuant to claims that the company’s African-American financial advisors suffered a “toxic” company culture.

When banks and other large businesses subject employees to harassment, discrimination, retaliation, or other workplace mayhem, everyone in the system loses. Unfortunately, the technical nature of these cases often fails to boil the blood. Many news reports leave out the specific allegations – the nasty names called, the disturbing office dramas, and the psychosexual intrigue behind the scenes at the workplace.

But make no mistake. Harassment and discrimination are visceral and disturbing — both to experience and to witness.

Fortunately, Attorney Nancy Gray understands the legal complexities and the emotional challenges these matters present. Connect with Attorney Gray and her team today for an evaluation of your potential or already-filed case.

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