Highly Recommend

I HIGHLY recommend Nancy Gray and her firm! If you have been wronged and have mixed emotions about seeking a just solution, I recommend you talk to Nancy. She will objectively and sensitively guide you in your decision and will professionally seek recovery. When it comes time to negotiate, Nancy will strongly and firmly confront your adversary. I am grateful for Nancy's help and highly recommend her services.


Compassionate & Professional

Hiring Nancy Gray was the best thing we did for our defense in a frivolous but financially threatening lawsuit. Knowing Nancy was fighting for our defense allowed me to sleep well at night. She was amazing at communication with our entire group of defendants and was always open to addressing all of our questions and concerns. Her sharp judgment, keen acumen, and compassionate professionalism make her a great lawyer. She took control of a chaotic situation and was able to secure the best possible result.


Very Pleased

I contacted Nancy after I was informed by my employer of over 33 years that I was being terminated. Nancy presented a claim for age discrimination as well as for violations of certain provisions of the California Labor Code. She negotiated a resolution of my claim with my former employer prior to my need to file any litigation. I was very pleased with the results and I would highly recommend Nancy to handle any sort of employment or Labor Code violation that you may have.

-Former Senior Vice President & General Counsel


I have had a professional relationship with Nancy Gray for fourteen years and she has provided much-needed counsel and representation during this period and at one point guided me through a particularly stressful employment mediation process, successfully. I have also relied heavily on Nancy to develop multiple high level employment agreements and at the same time reviewing two high level agreements for myself from which she had "poison pills" removed.


Great Empathy

I am a former client of Law firm Gray & Associates. I filed a wrongful job termination lawsuit with Nancy Gray. I was elated with the results I got from filing with her. A very professional attorney with great empathy & concern for me. She took the time to explain step by step what to possibly expect. When it came time for my deposition, she fought with all she had on my behalf & the results were rewarding! I would not hesitate to call on this law firm in the time of need of an attorney! This law firm has the most qualified attorneys anyone could ever ask for!


Always Available

As an employer, needing an attorney is something that can seem daunting, albeit necessary. Over the years Nancy has helped us take a proactive stance navigating the employment laws in California. She has successfully navigated litigation on our behalf; and is always available if we have a question, or need a referral or advice. Her expertise and guidance have time and again proven to be a resource we can depend on.


Professional and Very Effective

As a physician and surgeon with twenty years of private practice experience, I was flabbergasted to be exposed to age discrimination and being blocked. When their lead physician took me aside and said “the patients have to go to the younger doctors, not the older ones” and blocked me from getting new patients among other things, I started looking for legal help.

Luckily, I was referred to Ms. Nancy Gray. She was professional and very effective. 

I can’t describe how grateful I am to Ms. Nancy Gray for representing me with her legal expertise. If I ever face a situation like this again, I know whom to call.


Explained my Options

I contacted Nancy Gray when in the middle of a large legal battle when my former attorney, with a large firm, had created a large mess while creating substantial excess charges. Nancy explained my options and was able to correct the problems, bring the case to a favorable resolution and deal successfully with other attorneys to reverse the excessive charges. 


Very Fortunate

I cannot recommend Nancy Gray highly enough if you need legal advice or representation with any employment issues.  I was very fortunate to retain her for a particularly contentious and complex matter and, thanks to her direct efforts, it ended up getting resolved much better than I could have hoped for going into the case.

I thought so highly of her work on my behalf that I have since referred her to friends and colleagues who have come to me for advice about issues in this field.  I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback about the work she’s done for them, as well.


The Consummate Professional

I was introduced to Nancy by a former client of hers and have utilized her experience and expertise in two separate matters. She is the consummate professional and, in both cases, she produced desirable outcomes. Nancy is a fighter with a wealth of knowledge. Because I value the work she performed for me and I trust her, I have referred her to several friends seeking legal counsel. Thank you, Nancy!


Straight Forward

My business partner and I owned and operated a visual effects company servicing advertising agencies in Los Angeles. For eleven years we didn’t make a move without Nancy's advice and guidance. 

Nancy assisted us with property leases, purchase and labor contracts.  She challenged international corporations, a finance leasing company and defended us at the California labor board. We won every single case.

Nancy is straight forward. If you don’t have a case she will tell you. She won’t waste your time or money. If you do have a case, she'll win it!

Nancy Gray is a top shelf solid experienced honest attorney. Don't do business without her!


The Best By My Side

I have worked with Nancy for almost twenty years. Prior to that I had worked with a number of top-tier law firms (both large and obscenely expensive). Nancy's caliber of service, expertise, and knowledge are on par with what I had previously experienced with the most respected of firms. The fact that her professional fees and honest billing result in more affordable legal expenses compared to my prior experience is, of course, appreciated. However, what sets Nancy apart is her understanding that business needs, as well as people, can be "messy" (my term), with varied and non-uniform needs, desires, and motivations. Nancy "gets it" that businesses, by necessity, take risks. With that understanding, she has been instrumental in contract negotiation as well as creating all of my HR policies and procedures. With regard to the latter, her value has been most appreciated in dealing with the individuals who have either violated corporate policy or are heading toward an "HR action". These events are always stressful to a business owners. Early on in my career I lost many hours of sleep about HR issues. After a few HR battles with Nancy representing me I stopped stressing about HR legal issues. That's not to say I didn't still have my fair share of management and other "people problems", but I know now that if these problems escalate to the level of requiring legal action I know I've got the best by my side. 


GREAT person

I wanted to say thanks again for not only being a great attorney but for also being a GREAT person. When people are going though a hard time like a job situation, you continue to show them empathy and are great at putting people at ease that they are in good hands and it will all work out! Thanks for being you!!