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Assertive Labor & Employment Law Attorney Serving California

Los Angeles attorney Nancy Gray of Gray & Associates represents both management and employees throughout California in labor and employment matters, including employment advice, handbooks, workplace disputes, harassment, discrimination, and retaliation claims; wage and hour disputes; sales representatives issues and commission payments; and contracts. Because it handles both sides and understands the workplace dynamic, Gray & Associates is uniquely positioned to advise and represent you before suit is filed and in litigation or arbitration.

Businesses regularly consult with Gray & Associates to assess labor compliance, contracts, terminations, and to resolve situations before they become problems so as to avert litigation. Individuals regularly consult with Gray & Associates to candidly assess their job-related rights and remedies and to determine if separation and severance may be appropriate. Labor and employment laws change all the time, as does the body of case law affecting the workplace. Managing personality conflicts and understanding the psychological dynamics of these disputes are often as important as knowing the substantive law, regardless of where you sit at the table. With more than 35 years of industry experience and trial work, you can be confident Gray & Associates will deftly and effectively handle a discrete matter or general employment issues.

Our Services

Our firm knows how to handle even the most complex cases from start to finish. We have an in-depth understanding of California and federal labor and employment laws and use our knowledge to our clients' advantage in order to build strong cases on their behalf. We are dedicated to your cause and work tirelessly to ensure we consistently achieve the best possible results.

We provide wise counsel and representation to employment and labor law clients who need strong counsel by their side for issues involving:

  • Negotiations

  • Unfair labor practices

  • Sexual harassment

  • Wrongful Termination

  • Wage and hour law compliance issues

  • Discrimination in the workplace