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3 Words That Can Radically Reduce Your Human Resources Problems

Nancy Gray Nov. 11, 2018

Why do employment law problems happen? Why do employees become “disgruntled” and sue their companies, steal from their employers, or just work way below their potential?

Such questions are deep. But if you are running a company – or in charge of an HR department – you need to consider them and figure out what you can do, proactively, to reduce the likelihood that you will get sucked into employment law litigation.

3 Keys to a Great Office Culture

In a highly popular TED video, researcher Daniel Pink reviews work on the psychology of motivation in the workplace. Pink says that employees who enjoy autonomy, mastery and purpose at work tend to be more loyal:

1. Autonomy.

We all have a need for autonomy – i.e., to be able to do things independently and “in our own way.” Employees who are allowed to make up their own rules (within reason) tend to be more creative and enjoy their work more. Conversely, when people are denied autonomy, they become resentful, bitter and less productive.

2. Mastery.

We also have a deep need to get better and better at our work. Whether you are a painter, an athlete or a secretary, you have a deep need to engage in some form of continual improvement. Help your employees get better and better at what they do.

3. Purpose.

Per Pink, your employees need to feel like they are working towards some greater purpose — that their work serves some greater good.

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