4 Tips for Rebuilding Trust with an Employee After a Discrimination or Harassment Claim

You are deeply proud of your company. But you are equally disturbed by allegations that one of your employees was harassed, discriminated against, or subjected to other bad treatment. These allegations pose challenges for your business on different levels. On the purely tactical side, for instance, you may need to deal with a lawsuit and make urgent changes to your Human Resources processes.

But once the Sturm und Drang settles, what do you do? Assuming that the complaining worker still wants to stay at your company, how can you make him or her more comfortable? Here are 4 tips to that end:

1. Follow the law to the letter.

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2. Avoid glossing over what happened.

If one of your supervisors harassed a secretary by sending her lewd emails, or if a sales manager made a nasty, irresponsible comment to a client, identify and address all core issues. Get everything out in the open, and deal with it now.

3. Remember the end goal: you are not looking to punish people necessarily, but rather to make amends for bad behavior and to create systems and processes to prevent the behavior from recurring.

Work with your team to figure out the true causes of the harassment or discrimination. Do you have a bad hiring process that allows HR to hire people who treat coworkers with disrespect? Are you so slammed with work that you are stressing out your workers – and thus indirectly causing them to lash out at one another? Figure out the root causes of the problem, and then address those issues.

4. Deal with the problem now – not a week or a month or a year from now.

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