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Applying Lessons from “The 5 Whys” to Solve a Hiring or Promotion Problem

Nancy Gray Jan. 20, 2018

In our last post, we discussed a theoretical hiring quandary that involved a company struggling with a high turnover rate for a sales VP position.

Using the 5 Whys exercise, we diagnosed the core problem facing the company: the founders had never established an animating vision for the direction of the company.

Assuming that this root cause analysis was correct, what could a company do with this information to solve its frustrating HR problems?

Here is a possible strategy. The founders might get together over a long weekend and work on and isolate a meaningful vision. For instance, perhaps this company is a computer company. Its new mission could be: dethrone Sony in the videogame console business.

With that clear, coherent mission, the company would likely have less internal “ADHD” and more focus. As a result of having more focus, the company could more easily define the roles and responsibilities of its sales people. And as a result of that clarity, the job description for sales VP would stop shifting so rapidly. It would then be a lot easier to find and keep great talent at the position. Thus, the problem is solved.

Of course, the 5 Whys methodology is not always perfect, and it is not without its critics. In the next post, we will highlight some of these problems.

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