Can You Salvage Your Current Employment Situation?

The answer will depend on a variety of factors, such as:Business group

•    The nature of your current dissatisfaction. Are you mad because your supervisor treated you badly, frustrated by a lack of autonomy at the office, disgusted by an inert corporate culture, etc.?•    You career aspirations;•    Your personal budget;•    Your training;•    How easily it will be for you to find alternative work (or income).

In some cases, frustrating workplace situations can be fixed.

For instance, perhaps a boss has been giving you a hard time. You could ask to transfer to a new department or work with another supervisor.

Maybe you are having a “square peg in a round hole problem.” That is, your team wants you to do work that is a poor fit for your skill set and/or passions. If so, perhaps your job roles could shift to make the work more appealing.

Of course, perhaps the situation simply is not salvageable, for whatever reason.

•    How do you make the decision?•    Can you reformulate your relationship with your boss and/or company?•    What needs of yours are not being met, and how can you meet them?•    Should you look for work elsewhere? If so, how?

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