Creating a Culture of Values to Prevent Employment Law Issues

According to Jim Collins, a respected business analyst and bestselling author of books like Good to Great, Built to Last, and Great by Choice, truly “great” companies distinguish themselves by identifying and clinging to important core values.

So if you have been struggling with employee issues – for instance, employees stealing from your business or suing you out of the blue – the fundamental problem may be that your business lacks “core values” to help make hiring and firing decisions.

In his book, Good to Great, Jim Collins the task of grooming the right employees   is akin to the task of “getting the right people on the right seats in a bus.” By this metaphor, Collins means two things:

1.    You must find great people who believe in and live your core values;2.    You must make sure that the people you do hire do the “right stuff” – i.e., that they engage in work that plays to their strengths and gives them a sense of purpose.

Getting the “right people in the right seats of the bus” sounds simple in theory, but it is a very challenging endeavor. You will not be able to do it overnight or even in a few months. But if you make a commitment to identifying the values that make your company tick, you will go a long way towards mitigating employee problems.

So how do you define those values? Here is a great shortcut.

Brainstorm four to six values that your company will consider “core.” These are values you would want to hold, even if they proved to be a hindrance to your business. You would keep them anyway, in other words, because they are that important. These values might include integrity, creativity, or fun. By basing your human resources policy on this “values driven” approach, you will be more likely to hire people who will become devoted fans of your business.

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