Former Sports Agent Accused of Trade Secret Theft

A former sports agent stands accused of trade secret theft.  A Texas employee trade secrets case is again making headlines as a former employee and owner of a prominent Dallas sports marketing company stand accused of lying to the local District Attorney.

The case involves Genesco Sports Enterprises, Inc., a Dallas-based sports marketing agency.   Genesco brokers corporate relationships between NFL and college football teams and stadiums and companies including Miller Brewing, Frito-Lay, PepsiCo., Verizon, and others for stadium vending and sponsorships.

In 2011, former employee Sidney White was arrested for theft of company trade secrets under the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and the Texas Theft Liability Act.  White allegedly took a flash drive with sensitive company information on it, and deleted company information from the company’s server when he left the company.  White had signed a confidentiality agreement when joining the company.

In the most recent development in this on-going case, White now alleges that his former boss lied about him to local prosecutors in an effort to prevail in another pending litigation matter.

While it is unusual for employee trade secret theft cases to end up in the headlines, many businesses routinely confront similar issues when workers or contractors are terminated, or leave the company for competitors.  Whether you are a Los Angeles area business is looking for guidance on handling trade secret theft by former employees, or you are an executive level employee leaving your current company for a competitor, you need guidance from an experienced labor and employment lawyer.

Attorney Nancy Gray represents Southern California businesses and individuals in all aspects of labor and employment law, including mediating and resolving trade secret issues, before they lead to costly, protracted litigation.  Attorney Gray can help your business develop policies and best practices for human resources, and resolve potential labor and employment disputes arising from employee transitions.  Put a committed, knowledgeable labor and employment attorney to work for your business today.   Call Attorney Gray at (310) 452-1211 or visit Gray & Associates online for a free consultation.

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