Grey’s Anatomy Crew Member Slaps ABC with Retaliation Claim

A former grip on ABC Network’s hit series Grey’s Anatomy filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court recently alleging wrongful termination based on gender, and retaliation for his complaints against a former photography director.

Plaintiff Timothy Day was a best boy grip who worked on the popular television drama for eight seasons.  During season eight, Day allegedly complained to his bosses and ABC’s human resources department that director Herb Davis was engaged in a pattern of verbally abusing female subordinate employees, failing to provide them with necessary equipment to perform their jobs, and creating a hostile work environment. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Day’s complaint alleges that Davis displayed “antipathy toward female directors and other female staff who were assigned to high-level positions within the production.” Although assured by ABC human resources personnel that there would be no repercussions against him for reporting the problems,  his contract was not renewed. Day is seeking lost wages and compensation for emotional distress he suffered in connection with his dismissal.

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