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How to Motivate Employees by Letting Them Motivate Themselves (Part 2 of 3)

Nancy Gray Feb. 10, 2019

If paying employees more fails to stimulate better work, then how do you generate intrinsic motivation among your key people?

Per researcher, Daniel Pink, employees need autonomy. They must be able to make meaningful decisions about the work they do, how they do it, and how they solve problems. This does not mean that you should neglect your business processes or let your employees’ ad lib where they should not. However, no one wants to feel like a ghost in the machine – like an automaton. If you want people to work their hearts out for your company, cede a reasonable amount of control to them.

Secondly, give employees suitable projects and tasks. Ideally, these tasks should be challenging but not overwhelming. Find the “Goldilocks Zone.” Work problems should be hard but not impossible. If they are too easy, workers will get bored. If they are too hard, they will get frustrated. Find the sweet spot, and you will motivate excellent effort.

Lastly, the work should serve a grander vision or dream. If your company is just in business to make profits for shareholders, do not expect employees to get too excited about it. Find your business’s dream, and use that dream to stimulate motivation. People work harder when there is a heartfelt, compelling purpose to their labors. To stimulate the “I cannot wait to get out of bed, so I can go to work” mentality, tether your business to a great dream or purpose.

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