How to Motivate Employees by Letting Them Motivate Themselves (Part 3 of 3)

Here are some other ideas to help create an environment that will “self-motivate” your workers.

•    Hire for values.

If you and your team deeply believe in service and community, only hire people who share those values. Someone who only wants to make profits – or only wants to have fun – may be impossible to motivate, if your company is “all about” service and community.

•    Get feedback.

In business, you need to begin by making certain assumptions about your market, about your employees, about the products you make, and about the services you will deliver. Over time, these assumptions should be modified (and sometimes discarded) based on reality. Unless and until you get actual feedback from your workers about what is motivating them well, you will never know. Make it a habit to solicit and act on such feedback.

•    Put your best people on your best opportunities, not on your biggest problems.

People love to win. If you want to make the best use out of your best talent, look for opportunities to allow them to win big for your company — not just to survive or escape a disaster.

•    Be slow to hire and quick to fire.

If someone is not working out, acknowledge that reality immediately, and let that person go, for his or her sake and for your team’s sake. Conversely, do extreme due diligence before you make a decision to hire or partner with anybody.

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