Victimized by Office Bullying? 5 Ways to Get the Bullying to Stop, Right Now.

Middle school is long behind you. But you still face bullying at work that feels uncomfortably similar to the bullying   you experienced in your youth.

Whether you were the victim of “light” bullying (e.g., your coworkers hounded you non-stop for coming in last in the office’s fantasy football league); or you suffered bullying on a more profound level, here are 5 strategies to get the bullying to stop – permanently.

1. Take advantage of your company’s HR processes.

Knowledge is power. Understand what your company’s HR rules are. Then use those processes to get the bad behavior to stop and/or punish the perpetrators. You do not need to reinvent the wheel.

2. If you are concerned for your personal safety – or for the safety of anyone else in the office – do not be afraid to call 911.

No one deserves to work in fear. If you have been physically attacked or threatened, call the police not only to protect yourself but also to lay the groundwork for legal action.

3. Keep a written record of what happens.

Type out your account on your home computer, so that the information does not get erased or lost. If someone at the office saw what happened, ask that person to write down his or her account and let you keep a copy.

4. Do not just close your eyes and hope the bullying will go away.

Research suggests that passivity in the face of harassment, taunting, and other types of bullying can actually lead to more problems. As scary as this suggestion may seem, take action sooner than later, so that you can resolve the core problem.

5. Consider talking to an experienced employment lawyer, who has fought on both sides of discrimination and harassment claims.

For help understanding what to do next, both strategically and tactically, regarding the harassment or bullying, call attorney Nancy Gray today for insight.

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