Is Your Current Job “Salvageable” Or Not?


You have had a rough time at work lately. Perhaps your boss deliberately underpaid you. Perhaps a coworker or a client said something viscerally offensive to you. Can you fix what is broken, or should you cut your losses and move on?

Here are some ideas:

1. Identify and stop problems related to discrimination, harassment or wage and hour issues.

If you recommit to your job, you want to do so wholeheartedly. You job should meet your needs for meaningful work, good pay and fairness.

2. Make a battle plan about how to approach work from this new perspective.

For instance, you and your supervisor may want to sit down and discuss “best practices” and processes, so that you can avoid hardships you have experienced in the past.

3. Pay attention to your experience, as it evolves.

Keep a journal to track whether your job lives up to your new, improved expectations.

What If You Need to Find New Work?

Not all workplace situations can be salvaged. If you need to move on, make a battle plan, ideally with the help of a counselor or coach you trust.

Find fulfilling work that meets your needs. Talk to someone who already does what you want to do. Is that person enjoying the work? If so, why? If not, why not? Odds are, if the other person likes the work, then you will like it, too. If the other person is struggling with “x” issue, odds are that you may experience “x” issue as well.

Above all else, get help. You face big, complex, emotionally challenging job problems. Call or email attorney Nancy Gray today to schedule a free, confidential consultation about your California employment law challenges.

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