Your Human Resources Problem: Is It Really a “Human” Problem … Or a Process Problem?

Dealing with Human Resources challenges can be a frustrating, intimate business.

Ideally, you want everyone who works at your company to get along well and to avoid drama. However, when things do go wrong, you need to have a recipe. You need a smart, efficient, legal system to manage HR issues and prevent them from recurring.

Common employee problems could include:

•    You have a history of hiring employees who steal from your company, come in late to work, or drag down the team with low morale or low energy;•    You have a high turnover rate;•    Your company has found itself on the “business end” of a lawsuit for discrimination, wage and hour violations, or harassment.

Whenever an HR issue arises, it is tempting to blame the people involved. Either your HR people are failing you, or your hires are failing you, or both. People are, indeed, fallible.

You might benefit much more, however, by thinking about your HR troubles from a “systems” perspective. Focus on the broken systems, not on the “bad” people.

For instance, perhaps an employee recently hacked into your computer system and stole money from the company’s expense fund. You fired him properly. But rather than blame the employee for being disreputable and irresponsible, take a look at the system that allowed him to come work for your company. Somehow, a broken hiring system allowed an unethical employee to work for you. The solution, therefore, should be to fix the bad hiring system – or implement a new system – that will prevent you from hiring someone like that in the future.

When you think about HR through this “systems” paradigm, you will be far less likely to repeat your mistakes and far more likely to find and catch HR glitches that are putting you at risk for future problems.

Of course, to deal with complicated employment law issues, such as a lawsuit or the restructuring of your HR department, you may need potent legal insight. Look to Attorney Nancy Gray today for a free, confidential consultation about your employment law needs.

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